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The Gods of Cholula:

If aliens exist and do visit Earth, they probably visited it in the past too, and traces must be found. Indeed, several evidences do exist. Their true nature is sometimes not investigated at all, sometimes under debate. One thing is sure: There are sufficient clues to investigate, and the claim that no such ancient traces exists is possibly premature.

The story:

The case starts with a set of photographs taken in 1975 at the temple complex of Cholula, Mexico, 80 miles S.E. of Mexico City. Cholula is a very important religious center, left almost untouched by the Spanish invaders, except for their habit of builing churches on top of the original temples. One of the temples is probably of Aztec construction and is dedicated to two beings that local people claim to be "gods", they lived among them at an estimate time of 300 A.D to 900 A.D.

The pictures:

This photo was taken in 1975. These skulls are legended to be the "Gods of Cholula".


The legend:

Two "gods", male and female where left behind on Earth by other "gods" to teach the natives what they would need to know to create the great culture and society they eventually did build. These gods stayed for an extended period and taught maths science, astronomy, and many other subjects. Then, instead of being retrieved by their own kind and returned home, another group of "gods" different from the Cholula gods appeared on the scene, creating a conflict and the two Cholula gods were killed.

The devastated natives buried the two bodies in the temple they already built for them and a cult started and continued until someone in the modern times exhumed the skeleton and exposed them in a glass coffin placed against the temple.


As it is usually so in such cases, absolutely no investigation has taken place on this case to this date.

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