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News and observation reports, September 2005:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in September 2005 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.
09.17.2005Nocturnal lights motionless then fast, Essex, U-K.
09.15.2005Nocturnal lights spotted in Scotland.
09.14.2005Two objects with green lights, Arizona, USA.
09.12.2005Nocturnal lights spotted in West Yorkshire, u-K.
09.10.2005Thai TV reports on an entity sighting in Thailand.
09.10.2005Astronomers find a stellar system similar to ours but younger.
09.10.2005Scientists now speculate on the possibility of life on Titan.
09.08.2005Chemical proof from Gusev crater for wet Mars scenarii offered by scientists.


On Thursday, September 15, 2005, eyewitness Mel C. was outdoors in Fife, Scotland, UK when "four or five white glows, looking the same as a reflected spotlight in the clouds, were rotating in a wide circular formation. Stopping before one full turn, then reversing. Reflection was angled a few meters above but with no aircraft seen and no (light) beam emitting from the ground. The lights traveled a distance of 12 miles over the countryside, anywhere withing a 15-mile radius."

"A radio announcement of the sighting was made, stating that thousands had seen these mysterious lights. I believe it was on Radio Forth."

(Email Form Reports)

Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 38 September 21, 2005, Editor: Joseph Trainor,


GILBERT -- My wife and I were driving home from Scottsdale, AZ on Wednesday evening September 14, 2005. It was approximately 8:45 PM,when in the southeast sky I [anonmity requested] noticed a pulsating light, stationary and pulsating. I thought it was very odd to see that sort of light characteristic in the flight path of Sky Harbor airport. It just hung over the San Tan Mountains in the southeast sky. I didn't entertain it much, until after I got home, my wife (Charlotte Cliser) who was behind me, pulled into our driveway and was very excited - she was yelling if I saw the green lights? She said she saw two crafts with green lights and they were a boomerang or V shaped. (NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the husband, and he seemed to us to both sincere, and credible. Peter Davenport)

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC,, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


On Monday, September 12, 2005, eyewitness Jeff C. was outdoors in his hometown of Knottingley, West Yorkshire, UK when he saw something unusual approaching from the north-northwest.

"I was looking at the Great Bear constellation from my back door," Jeff reported, "and I saw two fast orange lights. I thought it was a light aircraft travelling southeast. As it travelled, lots more little orange lights came into view in a V shape. I watched it for about eight seconds as it went out of view over the rooftop."

"There were lots of small orange lights forming a V shape rather like a boomerang. No sound, but about the same height and speed as a light aircraft."

(Email Form Reports)

Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP Volume 10, Number 38 September 21, 2005, Editor: Joseph Trainor,


Thai TV reported today that an entity has been seen in northwestern Thailand near Chieng Mai. The entity was seen near a rice farm by four or five people and described has having a large head and a yellow body. The entity went up in the air after having been seen. The news anchor called this a "jahn binh" or flying saucer.

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