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News and observation reports, November 2005:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in November 2005 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Shanghai Daily reports that several people reported seeing a UFO in Shanghai between 4:30pm and 9pm on November 31: a man named Hu told the Xinmin Evening News he saw the UFO in the sky near the Outer Ring Road in Xinzhuan area at 4:30pm. It was visible for about 5 minutes, he said.

A man named Luo said he saw a bright oval object flying west towards Jiuting Town at 5pm when he was near Qibao Town. He tried to take a picture of it with his digital camera, but failed.

A man named Yang said he saw the UFO near the Laoximen in Jianguo Road E. at 4:44pm. He said it was a thumb-like orange oblong object hanging in the southeast sky and moving slowly east.

A man named Ni, aged 65, said he saw a bright red dish-like object in the western sky for about 5 minutes from his 13th-floor room in the No.8 People's Hospital in Xuhui District at 4:55pm.

A man named Zhao called the newspaper to tell that he saw the UFO in the southwest sky at 5pm in Putuo District near Wuning Road and Caoyang Road. It was a strange shape and flew slowly west, Zhao said.

A Mr Liu saw the UFO from the elevated road of Zhongshan Road N. and Hutai Road at 9pm. It was a cubic flying object with lights glittering around it, Liu said. It looked like a twinkling gold star in the sky and changed into a thumb-sized cube when it moved quickly. "I saw it stayed in the northeast sky for a while, and then it changed its position to southeast," said Liu said.

Hongqiao Airport officials said they had no knowledge of the object.


On November 28, in California, a white ball of light appeared in the south/east night sky, stayed there for a bout 20 seconds, and then darted across the night sky. Right after that a bright object appeared, stayed motionless for a moment then flew toward the San Gabriel Mountains. The witness writes, "three minutes later, there was another bright flash as the object appeared over Catalina Island and then sped off following the first object. Was this some type of "UFO" cat-n-mouse game? One thing for sure the activity over north Orange County this fall has been heavy and my friends and I have seen some beautiful and amazing things."

"I looked west and spotted a jet that was near what looked to be a small orange dim star but it was moving along with the nearby jet (roughly 1/2 an inch away. The "star" had pulled to roughly an inch away from the jet and was heading directly towards us, traveling due east. I called out to my husband and he and my father-in-law came outside to watch as the craft flew above us at a relatively low altitude. The jet was about 5 inches behind the craft and we could hear the rumble of its engines and clearly see a contrail. The craft that it was chasing was completely silent and had no contrail. They were low enough that we could make out a dark underbody for the first craft."

"All we could say was "oh my God." It had a dim orange colored light towards the front with a second dimmer white light towards the middle. I could see what appeared to be a whitish light at the rear of the craft. We could make out a dim outline of the ship itself and it seemed to be narrower towards the front with a much wider back. It was completely silent as it passed over and its lights were much dimmer than the flashing lights of the jet chasing it. We watched it as both passed over our roof. The last time I saw it, it was roughly 8 inches ahead of the jet and then we couldn't see anything but the jet still following. We were all excited but scared, too."

Source: MUFON


Source: DERF News Agency
Date: November 28, 2005


(DERF-EI) - A cell phone camera captured an object in the skies over Cuesta del Totoral, province of Catamarca.

Fidel Ruben Martinez was traveling in his car when he noticed a glow. He looked skyward and took out his cell phone camera to record an unusal object.

"When I expanded the object with the zoom I managed to see the outline of what we all know as a flying saucer," he told the El Ancasti newspaper from Catamarca.

The images were sent to the Tucuman Observatory. Experts issued a statement reporting that "what can be seen in the image corresponds to what the camera picked up, at the level of luminous information."

Specialists explained that "we must practically dismiss the possibility than an opaque solid body interposed itself between the Sun and the camera lens, as the luminous pattern seen in the photo is 100% compatible with reflective phenomena of light rays on the outer curvature of the camera lens."

"The dark spot, the light solar halo and the reflection line agree exactly with the center of the image. This concentricity is a characteristic trait of optical effects," they added.

Translation © 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.


THOUSAND OAKS. -- The witness writes, "a friend and I were shooting some hoops at a park on November 21, 2005. It was dusk and we were just playing around, having fun at 5:27 p.m. I took a shot and looking up to watch the ball, a triangular shape shot across the sky. My friend also saw it but it only lasted for about a second. It was very high up at around the height of a plane's cruising altitude, I would guess. I saw 3 lights, a bright orange at the top or direction it was flying and 2 neon green lights behind on each side. About 7 or 8 minutes later another darted in the same area. It could not have been a plane judging by its great speed."

Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC director,


ASHVILLE. -- The witness writes: "I was driving on Highway 11, on a Wednesday night (on or about Nov 15, 2005) around 7:00 PM. I was noticing a light in the sky that appeared to be possibly Mars or Venus, as they are visible this time of year. As I looked, it seemed to be moving slowly. I looked up again, a few seconds after I noticed the very bright lights. There are sometimes military helicopter operations since we are close to a military base. It seemed to be moving closer as I was driving. and suddenly it was practically above me. I looked up and saw it, then at the road, a few seconds later it seemed to be very high in the sky, higher than it was just seconds earlier."

"A few days later, I saw it again, about 20 miles away from where I saw it the first time. I was on Highway 11 between Steele and Ashville and it moved towards us and we drove directly under it. It was triangular with very bright lights around the perimeter of the craft. It disappeared moments later. I saw it every night for the next couple of weeks but have not seen it for at least a week. I think there is the possibility that it could be a military craft."

Source: MUFON


TEXARKANA. -- The witness writes: "Last night on November 7, 2005, I dropped off my girlfriend by the store and pulled into my parents back driveway and was sitting there for an hour before I noticed a real bright light. I watched the glow for a couple of minutes and went back to listening to the radio and drinking my beer. About 25 minutes later, the glow went totally black, and at the same time my neighbors security lights went out. The lights stayed off for about two minutes, then popped back on as the glowing object also popped on at the same time. It then began to move sideways very slow untill it was out of my view behind some trees. I got out of my car to watch and it changed direction and glided damn near over my house. It had a triangular shape with rounded edges, with huge windows at the top half of the craft. There was a red light under the craft but it was not flashing like a normal aircraft. It was the size of a hospital. I have been in the military and grew up near an air force base and this wasn't anything that I have seen before."

Thanks to Filer's Files #51, 2005, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern.


On November 5, 2005, a truck driver reports that at approx 1:35 am, he was proceeding northeast on Interstate 81 under a star filled sky. As he drove he noted that there was an area ahead in the sky strangely devoid of stars. When he reached an area where he could exit the interstate, he did so and exited his truck. What he described was two seperate areas which were moving slowly westward, triangular in shape and devoid of stars. He states that he watched the "objects" slowly, silently move steadily, the stars disappearing and reappearing as the objects moved. After some 15 minutes, he had to leave the area and continue with his work.

Thanks to the Appalachian UFO Research Center,


On Wednesday, November 2, 2005, at 8 p.m., eyewitness Kevin Fisher spotted a mysterious "bright white and orange light in the sky either zipping or staying still. It either went behind the tree line or disappeared."

Kevin was at Gilletes Lake in Jackson, Michigan when he spotted the UFO on the west side of the lake. "It was a white orange color. I have been seeing them for the past year. I think one night when I was at the warehouse in Parma last year, a UFO came over the hill and it was white, then turned orange, and then it hit me with a spotlight."

"Then I woke up on my couch in my barn office. Missing time. I think I'm now being watched every now and then."

"The UFO was very slow except when I called other witnesses to look at it. Then it took off, but some of the witnesses did see it. I've had multiple sightings during the past few years."

Email Form Report thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10, Number 43, November 9, 2005, by Joseph Trainor,

Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10, Number 43, November 9, 2005, by Joseph Trainor,

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