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October 3, 1954, Sequedin, Nord:

Reference for this case: 3-Oct-54-Sequedin.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


Evoking among other observations of October 3, 1954, that of Fernand Millecamps in Hallennes, the regional newspaper Nord-Eclair for October 6, 1954, indicated without further details that residents of Sequedin had confirmed the statements of Mr. Millecamps:

"At around the same time, a group of inhabitants of "P'tit Belgique" could, in this populous district, witness the moves of a mysterious luminous craft moving in the sky."




Sequedin and Haubourdin had
their "Sunday saucers"...

This time, we get it! The canton of Haubourdin can record in its annals the appearance of its first saucer... and a Sunday saucer moreover.

It is not a hallucination, because it has been seen, more or less distant, by dozens of pairs of eyes.

Let's get to the facts.

Sunday evening, several municipalities in the region, which do not have much opportunity to be talked about, were brought to the attention of the press by the appearance of saucers.

In Lille, a large group of walkers could attend, at the Canteleu bridge, the exhibitions of a flying machine successively taking the shape of a sphere, magnifying visibly, to split into two cigars, and return to its original shape.

The most astonished of the inhabitants of the canton of Haubourdin was, without question, Mr. Ferdinand Millecamps, 21, mason, living at 22, rue Victor Loridon. Passing Sunday, around 8 p.m., on the Sequedin bridge, he saw, some five hundred meters from him, a large luminous object placed on the rails, between Hallennes and Sequedin. The object rose vertically, and Mr. Millecamps came to tell Haubourdin people of the event. Residents of Sequedin confirmed Mr. Millecamps' statements.

At around the same time, a group of inhabitants of "P'tit Belgique" could, in this populous district, witness the moves of a mysterious luminous craft moving in the sky.

The facts are there. More than one resident promised to explore the sky in the evening to witness an identical fact. The future chronicle of "Flying saucers" may bring us other revelations at short notice.


The good town of Marcq was beginning to look poor among the communes which had the honor of receiving the visit of the Martians. Since the saucers crisscross the skies of France, they seemed completely unaware of the existence of Marc-en-Baroeul!

Let the Marcq residents console themselves, the honor is safe, because the city has finally seen its flying saucer. It appeared in the sky on Sunday, around 8 p.m., seeming to come from the direction of the Citadel of Lille.

Mr. Lucien Lemaire, head of department at Marcq's town hall, was at the time on rue des Lilas, in the company of other people. He saw very clearly the round-shaped object, which emitted orange gleams. At some time a second disc detached from the first, lit up and then resumed its place.


The weekend of October 2-3 appears on all graphs as the maximum-maximorum of the 1954 wave. Although the work of counting the press of the time is not yet finished, the 118 various issues of newspapers and magazines I have been able to analyze for this period gives us an almost complete overview, in any case very broadly representative of the regional observations which were reported in the press for Sunday, October 3. I included the observations of the Somme which seemed to me inseparable from those of Nord - Pas-de-Calais and which also appear in the chapter entitled "Zigzag on the mining country" of the book by A. Michel: "Mystérieux Objets Célestes."

I count, as one case, each observation made by an independent group of witnesses. The astonishing quantity of observations reported below, shows once again the interest of thoroughly searching the newspaper archives.

OCTOBER 3, 1954:

[... other cases...]

12) 8 p.m. (N.E.) or 9 p.m. (N.M.) SEQUEDIN _59_ : Mr Ferdinand Millescamps, 21, saw, at 500m. on the railway track, between Sequedin and Hallennes, a luminous object of the size of a tramway at 4 or 5 m. above the ground, which, after haveing remained montionless for a while, rose vertically. Other witnesses reportedly confirmed this observation. (10/6: N.M. [= Nord-Matin], p. 10 _ N.E. [= Nord-Eclair], p. 10 - V.D.N. [Voix du Nord], Li11e, p. 6)

[... other cases...]


DATE: October 3, 1954

LIEU: Sequedin north


REF: newspaper "Nord éclair" Lille issue for October 6, 54 page 10


The witness is Mr. Ferdinand Millescamp, 27 years old, mason, 22 rue Victor Loridon in Haubourdin. From the Sequedin bridge, he saw about 50Om from him, a luminous object on the railway tracks which then rose vertically. Residents of Haubourdin confirmed the statements of the witness.

  • [jdt2] GERU ufology catalogue, compiled by Jean-Pierre d'Hondt, France, not dated, found in 2005.
  • Explanations:


    Information on what would have been seen by the inhabitants of Sequedin is missing; but if it was the same as what Mr. Millecamps had seen, it was then, a setting red moon barred by a cloud, as for many other observations of that evening in the region.


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    Sequedin, Nord, multiple, luminous, craft, night


    [----] indicates sources that are not yet available to me.

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