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The 1954 French flap:

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November 2, 1954, Chéreng, Nord:

Reference for this case: 2-Nov-54-Chéreng.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The regional newspaper La Voix du Nord, in the Lille issue for November 5, 1954, reported the observations in 1954 in Chéreng, one of which had taken place "Tuesday", therefore on November 2, 1954, early in the morning:

"... an inhabitant working on his chicory beds, for a few seconds saw a strong glow coming from the heavens. The beam of light fell towards the ground and disappeared in less time than it takes to tell."





Always the saucers!

The flying saucers... or the mysterious machines that some see in the sky seem to show a predilection for the commune of Chéreng.

A month ago, about fifty Chéreng residents gathered on a Sunday evening for a party in the hamlet of L'"Autour", had seen a craft resembling a cigar, move in the clouds.

This news barely known, a schoolboy declared that he had seen a few days before a mysterious sphere, posed in a field near the Bois.

As if that weren't enough, barely a week had passed when three young girls, walking on the main road, around 10 p.m., also saw mysterious lights. Presumably the moon hidden by a light cloud, which their imagination transformed... into a saucer.

But Chéreng was undoubtedly to serve as a rallying spot for these "objects from some other planet", because on Tuesday morning, an inhabitant working on its layers of chicory, for a few seconds saw a strong glow coming from the heavens. The beam of light hit the ground and disappeared in less time than it takes to tell.

During the day on Wednesday, one discussed here and there in the town, about visions that would have had, Tuesday, two inhabitants of the locality. Passing by the Anstaing footbridge, they reportedly saw two individuals of strange appearance responding to the description given of "Martians" or "Venusians". Regardless, while people of good faith have witnessed a strange phenomenon, there are others who sometimes take their dreams for reality.



Probable meteor.


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